Success Stories and Testimonies from Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts


Travis’ Testimony

Travis in his wedding day tuxedo

My name is Travis, and I am a recovered addict. I have been rescued from the grips of addiction and restored back to sanity. I have suffered through the high cost of low living. Today, I am clean and sober with 9 years of recovery. Recovery is something that is acquired over time, not overnight. 
I accepted Christ into my heart at 9 years old. Even as a young child, I noticed some spiritual changes in my life. I was reaching out talking to God, and reading in His word from time to time. I began building a relationship with my Creator, but somewhere along the way I grew strong resentments. Growing up, I watched as my alcoholic dad abused my mother and they divorced when I was 12 years old. Not only did I play the blame game, I also used this separation to my advantage. I learned very early I could use and abuse my parents by manipulating them. This carried on until I reached the “know it all” age of 18.

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