Keep Me In Your Will

For over a year, I know, I have been riding by an empty house that always catches my eye.  I always had a vision in my mind about opening up a shop for Healing Reign Ministry in this empty house.  I wanted the look and feel of Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Gift Shop, minus the restaurant and plus more odds, ends and novelties;  country and rustic, the look and the smell.  I began to have this feeling that this must be a “God” thing for me to rent this house and open up a shop.  I was basing this on the fact that I thought a lot about it.  After all, I could see this happening from beginning to end.  It was affordable rent and it was small enough for me to handle. setting everything I needed in place.  I had even decorated the little house in my mind with country curtains flowing slightly from the breeze blowing through the up-raised windows.  And maybe window boxes with a rainbow color pallet of flowers and hanging baskets full of fresh greenery hanging from the porch.  The fact that I felt that this was something that I could manage excited me!  I decided to take a leap, because this leap “was” in my comfort zone.  The landlord was contacted and he agreed to let us rent the house for Healing Reign Ministry’s shop.  Now that was the hard part, right?  Wrong!  I contacted the city and made sure I didn’t need a city license.  I didn’t.  Easy!  Then I contacted the county.  A little bit more difficult.  They told me how I would have to equip the house for the handicap.  It was easy enough to do.  We would put up a ramp at the front door and we could use the restroom facilities, with permission, from the next door facility.  Then the hard part came.  I found out that since this little house had always been used as residential, I would have to change it to a commercial rental.  I felt this was doable, but  I needed written permission on a legal document from the landlord, because his property taxes would go up, probably considerably.  They also told me that the landlord would probably not be able to change his property back to a residential rental when Healing Reign Ministry moved from the premises.

Now, prior to all this, I will tell you that I have been praying a certain way since God delivered my son, Travis from his drug addiction in 2007.  During the experience Travis and I went through with his addiction, I began to pray that God’s will would be done, no matter what; that nothing would come between God and His will, including me.  I prayed that if I ever prayed for something that was not in God’s will or God’s timing that He would put a block in front of whatever I was asking for.  When the landlord told us that he would not change from residential to commercial, the Holy Spirit immediately put the prayer that I had prayed into my mind.  He was letting me know that this was one of the blocks that I had prayed for.  He reminded me what I had thought about the house, “This is in “my” comfort zone; this is something that “I” can handle on my own; “I” can manage this task fairly easily.”  The Lord reminded me that I could see this happening from beginning to end, in every detail.  Then God put the thoughts into my mind….God does not want you to see everything from beginning to the end.  He does not want you to always be in “your” comfort zone….sometimes, God wants you to step out of the boundaries of your comfort zone, so that you can experience a walk of faith with the Holy King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He wants you to follow Him, baby step by baby step.

Fly to the light

This entire life-lesson that God gave to me through this experience reminds me of a song called “Keep Me In Your Will” by Jessica King.  The lyrics tell that sometimes we think we’re in control and we try to face problems on our own.  The mistakes we make by trying to do things “our way” can get in “God’s way” of His will for us.

I know that God has a plan, a master plan for Healing Reign Ministry and I thank Him for what He has done and all He is going to do in advance.  I pray in the name of Jesus, that He will continue to “block” anything that comes from my trying to do things “my way”.  I want everything that I do to be God’s way, because His way is the only way!

Words to: “Keep Me In Your Will”

Sometimes I think I’m in control and I act so foolishly;

Facing problems on my own, I don’t know what’s best for me.

My mistakes at times disturb all the plans that You have made.

Lord keep me in Your will, so I won’t be in Your way.

          And put me where You want to, not where I want to be.

If I should ask for things that I want, only give me what I need.

When I complain from time to time, forgive Lord I pray.

And keep me in Your will, Lord, so I won’t be in Your way.

           Remind me Lord I’m just a glove, in which You place Your hand.

Not my will but Yours be done, though I don’t understand.

The best laid plans I’ve made, somehow always go astray.

Lord keep me in Your will, so I won’t be in Your way.

           I need You dear Lord, each and every single day.

To keep me in Your will so I won’t be in Your way.