How Healing Reign Became a Ministry for
Helping Alcoholics and Addicts

This ministry began through Friendship Baptist Church which both Carolyn and Diane attend. We chose to name our ministry “Healing Rain” originally because of Michael W. Smith’s beautiful and moving lyrics to this inspirational song. God later led us to change the name to “Healing Reign”. We believe God’s healing reign will lead alcoholics and addicts down the road to recovery and to freedom!

In 2007, God called me (Diane) to help addicts after He delivered my son, Travis, from his drug addiction. Since then, God has placed men and women in my path that have needed to change their lives due to a drug or alcohol addiction. For eight years I worked with young people through the school system and for six years I worked at Middle Tyger Community Center where I was involved with several different programs. I believe that God gave me these opportunities to help prepare me for Healing Reign Ministry. God has given me a compassion, a drive, and a longing to help the next addict and lead him/her on the road to recovery.

Here at Healing Reign, we will guide you with all of our being, all of our heart and all of our soul. We love you with the love of Christ; we care for you; we pray for you. We do this because of what Christ has done for us. We will do everything in our power to lead you to a better way of life by helping you take that first step of faith. It is in our hearts for you to be free from drug and alcohol addiction. Recovery from addiction is a matter of life and death; we choose life for you.

There are always problems to be solved, and we may not have all the answers right away. Though finding the answers can be difficult, we will face the problem together and work through it until we reach a solution. We will guide you in the right direction to find the right path so you may see what God has planned for you under His healing reign.

Future Vision For Healing Reign Ministry

*a word from Diane

God is always bringing to my mind what I believe is His Vision for Healing Reign Ministry. My heart wants what God wants for Healing Reign. I am following Him by faith and faith alone. I believe that if God revealed the entire picture of His will for this ministry, that I would be totally overwhelmed. These are my thoughts of what God is showing me for the future of this ministry at this time…

Men’s half-way house

Women’s half-way house

Please join us in prayer that God’s will be done in this ministry.