Feel Like You Have Nowhere to Turn?

Man has back against wall, feels alone and needs help

Healing Reign is here to help. We will help you get to a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program that is right for you. Each person’s case is different. Some people prefer to get information from us and handle everything themselves. Some people need more assistance from us because they aren’t comfortable handling the process on their own. Whatever the case may be, we are here when you need us. The first step is the hardest part. We want to encourage you to call right now; don’t wait any longer.

Diane is available at (864) 201‑5463, and Carolyn is available at (864) 901‑5532. We have not yet encountered a person that we cannot help. God always leads us to a solution. Read a success story from someone who has found that road to recovery.

Travis in his wedding day tuxedo

…They didn’t teach me how to stay sober for that would be too easy. Don’t put the drugs in, and you’ll stay sober. They taught me much more than that. Something that’s life changing. They taught me how to live a selfless life as best as I could, one day at a time…

…Today I’m enjoying life living each day to it’s fullest. I’m always ready for opportunities to let God’s glory shine through my life, which is His. I still have day to day problems, but drugs and alcohol isn’t one of them…

-Travis (quote from Travis’ testimony)