Christian Programs Made for You

We will guide you to help, but you must make the decision and volunteer to go into a program. You will get to speak with directors and counselors at the facility to determine the amount of time you need to stay in order to recover. Arrangements are made to stay for 6–8 weeks, 3 months, or even 1.5 years.

Some facilities offer:

  • longer programs that really boost your strength if you are in need of extra support
  • discipleship programs
  • help finding a job and housing
  • extended stay period if you feel you need more time in the rehabilitation center

Don’t worry too much about the details yet, just contact us to learn more.

The People There Share Your Struggles

You’ll be surrounded by people who understand you, people who have walked the same path, people who have had the same struggles. All participants are there for the same reason, to get clean from their addiction. In most cases, the directors will be recovering addicts themselves who have been called into the ministry of helping the next addict. Their ultimate goal is to guide you to a better life. They love the men and women who come into their facilities unconditionally. You will feel warmly welcomed with open arms.

What is the Treatment?

You will learn to follow Jesus Christ. And by following Him, you find the road to peace. We really don’t like to use the word “treatment”, but what happens there is hard to put into words. Instead, it’s better described as a grand adjustment to your life through the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s about learning that God can guide you down a path free from drugs and alcohol. It’s about realizing that you can be happy in this life and in the next one. You learn to follow Jesus Christ.

You’ll go to:

  • bible studies
  • meetings
  • support groups

You’ll have a job and responsibilities to contribute to the success of the home. Some responsibilities include:

  • working in the kitchen
  • landscaping
  • working out in the community

You will learn to function without the drugs and alcohol. And there will be someone there to help you. You don’t have to face your struggle alone. Read a success story from someone who has found that road to recovery.

These are just a few of the facilities that Healing Reign has used. Click on each one to find more information about these facilities.


Women’s Facilities

Solus Christus

Haven of Rest