Adrien Brody, Bob Odenkirk, Amanda Seyfried, and more react to their Emmy nominations.

The nominations for the 74th annual Emmy Awards were announced by JB Smoove and Melissa Fumero on Tuesday morning — and with so much great television, the competition was stiff... all the more reason for those who heard their names called to celebrate.

Squid Game, Euphoria, Succession, and Ozark led the pack with multiple nominations each. And speaking of multiple nominations, this year, HBO is set to dominate with more than 50 nods between the network and its streaming service HBO Max.

Check out reactions from the nominees below (we'll continue to update throughout the day) and see the full list of nominations here.

Abbott Elementary (Outstanding Comedy Series)

Quinta Brunson (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series)
"What an honor to be nominated by the Television Academy. Creating this show has been the greatest gift and to have it recognized in this way is the dream. It's a joy we get to share with the amazing people who watched our first season. None of this would be possible without my incredible, supportive EP's Justin Halpern, Randall Einhorn & Patrick Schumacker, our incredible writers room, our insanely talented cast, and the hard-working teams at ABC and WBTV for helping to bring Abbott Elementary to life. Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank teachers. Thanks for being our inspiration."

Sheryl Lee Ralph (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series)
"I am so deeply honored and completely overwhelmed with an abundance of gratitude that comes with this recognition. Thank you to the Television Academy for the delicious honor of being nominated in the Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series category, alongside the most talented and hilarious actors of today. Thank you Emmy voters for this great compliment, and thank you to Quinta Brunson for the opportunity of a lifetime. It has been a joy and a blessing to portray Mrs. Barbara Howard on screen and honor the thousands of educators she represents across the country in doing so. Thank you again!"

Barry (Outstanding Comedy Series)

Bill Hader (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series)
"I'm just super happy and proud of everyone on the show and humbled and thrilled with the recognition and nominations."

Anthony Carrigan (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
"To be on such a special show like Barry is already the greatest gift, but this takes it to the next level. It's an honor to be nominated alongside so many incredible actors. Feeling a lot of gratitude right now…"

Henry Winkler (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
"What an exciting morning! The news makes me as happy this time as the very firs time I was nominated!"

Better Call Saul (Outstanding Drama Series)

Bob Odenkirk (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series)
"I am thrilled beyond words for this nomination. Yes, I've been nominated in this category before, but this is particularly special because of the intense experience of this final season of Saul shooting, the amazing writing as Jimmy/Saul becomes yet ANOTHER iteration of himself, the wonderful work by my castmates, our amazing guest cast, and just the density of feelings in front of the camera and behind in a momentous year. I am especially thrilled for my scene partner and friend Rhea Seehorn whose outstanding, wonderful, multi-faceted performance is rightly being celebrated. This show is one-of-a-kind and I'll treasure each of these high points, there have been so many, and I'm thankful for everything."

Dopesick (Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series)

Michael Keaton (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Anthology Series)
"Thank you to the TV Academy for supporting Dopesick with an amazing 14 nominations and acknowledging so many involved in the making of the show who were so deservingly recognized today for their good work — Danny Strong, Warren Littlefield, Barry Levinson, John Goldwyn, Karen Rosenfelt, Beth Macy, Checco Varese, C. Chi-yoon Chung, Douglas Crise, Nick Offord, Ryan Collins, Jay Meagher, and my fellow actors Kaitlyn Dever, Mare Winningham, Will Poulter, Peter Saarsgaard, Michael Stuhlbarg and Hulu, who has been incredibly supportive of our show.  As an Executive Producer and actor, it's a privilege to work in this community and I am so grateful that we were able to shine a light on the innocent individuals and families affected by opioid addiction.  I am incredibly proud of our work here and appreciative of the warm reception the show has received, not just from peers but real folks, too."

Danny Strong (Writer, Director)
"Thank you to the Television Academy for honoring Dopesick with so many nominations. I'm so proud of the incredible group of artists who put their hearts and souls into telling this important story."

Kaitlyn Dever (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series)
"To be acknowledged with an Emmy nomination for this particular role is an achievement I won't ever take for granted..."

The Dropout (Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series)

Amanda Seyfried (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series)
"You never know if people are going to watch what you make so the entire experience of making a movie or show exists in its own creative and crazy bubble. The Dropout was the most intense and surprisingly fun time and for it to be appreciated in this way sweetens the whole experience for me. I love celebrating this show and the brilliant people involved. I'm super happy right now."

Francesca Gregorini (Director)
"I am thrilled beyond measure to have been nominated for my directing work on The Dropout. It goes without saying that we are only as good as our collaborators, so I would like to acknowledge Liz Meriwether, Amanda Seyfried, and Michael Showalter on their well-deserved nominations and all of the amazing talent in front and behind the camera."

Euphoria (Outstanding Drama Series)

Colman Domingo (Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series)
"I cried today. Because I know so many people wanted this nomination for me. I am not a jaded person but I do know not to "want" for awards. It can leave you heartbroken. But I wanted this nomination. I wanted this for Euphoria, a show that is trying to save lives. I wanted this for every person on that set who pours so much love and creativity into what we are making. I wanted this for Sam who writes so brilliantly for me and directs me with such care and brotherhood. I wanted this acknowledgment for the Ali's in the world. The ordinary brothers who are trying to overcome many hurdles and do some good in the world. I wanted this for everyone who has reached out to me and said, thank you for your portrayal of Ali. He saved my life. I am proud to be an actor and I am so very proud to be in such exquisite company."

Zendaya (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series)
"Making this show with this cast and crew of the most incredibly talented people that I get the privilege of learning from everyday has been a highlight of my life. I'm so proud to work beside you and CONGRATULATIONS!"

The Great

Elle Fanning (Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series)
"I can't put into words what The Great means to me. To be recognized for playing Catherine, a character who has shaped me personally in so many ways, is a moment I will never forget. And Jean, Quinta, Rachel, Kaley, and Issa, sharing this nomination with you makes it all the more meaningful. We are on set filming season 3 right now and my partner in comedy, Nicholas Hoult broke the news to me with the crew and my fellow cast mates by my side. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Getting to celebrate alongside him, Fran di Mottola, the magician production designer who builds our transportive sets, and Sharon Long, our costume designer who adorns us in her glorious creations is truly special. But it all would be meaningless without Tony McNamara's vision. His words and imagination are what bring us to work every day and push us to 'greater' heights. HUZZAH ! Thank you to the Television Academy for this unbelievable honor!"

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Outstanding Comedy Series)

Tony Shalhoub (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
"It's truly an honor to be acknowledged amongst this year's incredible nominees. As we go into the final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I feel extraordinarily grateful to have worked alongside some of the best actors and people in the industry. Amy and Dan have created a series that will resonate with fans for years to come, and I'm honored to be a part of it."

Rachel Brosnahan (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series)
"Thanks to the Television Academy for the raddest birthday present! My friends and family better up their game… This season was a labor of love made while the world was on fire and we got to make each other laugh. This is the cherry on our sundae and wind in our sails as we finish our final season. Shoutout to our marvelous crew and fellow nominees!"


Margaret Qualley (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series)
"Thank you so much for this huge honor! I am so lucky I got to help tell Stephanie Land's story. For those of you who watched MAID, it means the world to me that you let me into your home and endured the ride. I tried to give you my heart, and by watching, you gave me yours! This labor of love was brought to you by a whole lot of hard working friends and even family (thank you mom) So, the biggest thanks to the many hands that made MAID."

The Morning Show

Marcia Gay Harden (Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series)
"I'm so thrilled to join my peers in the Guest Actress category! The Morning Show tackles difficult issues with a great combination of social awareness, character humor, and compassion. The fantastic ensemble made me look good!"

Reese Witherspoon (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series)
"I'm so honored to be acknowledged. Love this show and this team so much!"

Only Murders in the Building (Outstanding Comedy Series)

Nathan Lane (Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series)
"I couldn't be happier or more thrilled by this nomination. My great thanks to everyone involved especially the director Cherien Dabis and the writers of The Boy From 6B, Stephen Markley and Ben Phillipe, our great crew, the brilliant John Hoffman, and most importantly, Steve, Marty, and Selena who make for the happiest set in town. I was sad not to see James Caverly's name among the nominees since he gave such a beautiful performance but I will think of this as a nomination for both of us since we worked so closely together. Thank you again and my thanks to the whole Murders family."

Jane Lynch (Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series)
"How thrilled am I to have been a part of the best of the best? This nomination is the delicious cherry on top of a beautiful cake."

John Hoffman (Series Co-Creator and Writer)
"Everyone in this amazing Building of ours poured their hearts into making something that might connect and lift the spirits — even though there might be a murder or two in there. Now, to feel the love back from the Academy and to celebrate so many in our crazily talented team this morning is beyond an honor and it means the world to all of us, I know."

Ozark (Outstanding Drama Series)

Tom Pelphrey (Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series)
"This is such an awesome surprise. Ozark was an incredible experience, I'm forever grateful for the opportunity and for Jason, Laura, Chris Mundy, Alexa Fogel, and the whole Ozark family. Ben will live in my heart always- it was an honor to play such a beautiful, complicated character."

Pam and Tommy (Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series)

Lily James (Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie)
"I feel so incredibly honoured and overwhelmed. Every single person who worked on this series poured their heart and soul into it, and I am so grateful to the Television Academy for this recognition. Sebastian, Seth, DV, Rob, Craig, and the entire cast and crew, I am so thrilled for your most deserved honours. Sharing this success makes this moment of celebration so unbelievably special."

RuPaul's Drag Race (Outstanding Competition Series)

RuPaul (Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program)
"As the basic human rights of LGBTQ+ people are being threatened once again, I want to thank our peers in the Television Academy for acknowledging the achievements of the beautiful and talented souls that work in front of and behind the cameras at RuPaul's Drag Race. Through the miracle of drag, our spectacular Season 14 queens have touched hearts and opened minds around the planet. We will never take for granted the platform we've been given to tell authentic queer stories, and pledge to do everything in our power to continue to spread light, love, and laughter. To our partners at World of Wonder, Paramount, and VH1, thank you for having our backs every high-heeled step of the way."

Saturday Night Live (Outstanding Sketch Series)

Bowen Yang (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
"What an honor! SNL is the most wonderful convocation of talents and people and I share this with all the cast, writers and crew. I was on a plane watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta when I found out because I am a company man. Stream Peacock now."

Severance (Outstanding Drama Series)

Patricia Arquette (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)
"I am happy and grateful to the Television Academy for recognizing Severance in so many categories. Thank you to Apple TV+ for believing in our show. The whole experience of making Severance has been a total joy, and I am thrilled to see my fellow nominees honored by our peers"

Squid Game (Outstanding Drama Series)

Lee Jung-Jae (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series)
"First, I would like to share my sincere gratitude. It is a tremendous honor to be nominated together with these brilliant actors. I would like to share this honor with the Squid Game fans around the world, who showed us endless love and support, and the Squid Game team, who worked very hard to make everything possible."

Hwang Dong-hyuk (Creator/Showrunner/Writer/Director)
"I feel so happy and honored that Squid Game became the first non-English language series to be nominated for the Emmy Awards. I hope that Squid Game's Emmy nominations will open up even more opportunities for the whole world to enjoy and appreciate each other's content beyond the barriers of culture and language."

Jung Ho-yeon (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)
"Thank you so much to the Television Academy for this nomination. It's such an honor to be in this amazing group of people! I'm also so excited for Director Hwang and my co-stars Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Oh Young-soo and Lee You-mi. It's incredible to be a part of a show that so many people love. I'm truly grateful for their support and guidance and especially to the viewers for showing us so much love. Thank you!"

Station Eleven

Himesh Patel (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Anthology Series or Movie)
"Making a show about the survivors of a pandemic, as a very real pandemic unfolded around us, was such a roll of the dice. But at its core our story celebrated the beauty of human connection - and I'm thrilled that it's resonated with so many people. It was my privilege to play Jeevan and I'm honoured to be nominated alongside such iconic actors. Thank You to the TV Academy and to my Station Eleven family."

Stranger Things (Outstanding Drama Series)

Shawn Levy (Producer and Director)
"We took some big swings in season 4. Inspired as always by the voice and vision of our Brothers Duffer, the Stranger Things cast and crew aimed to pull off storytelling that was more ambitious than we've ever tried before. Along the way, we were confident that if we could pull this story off, audiences would be rewarded with our most emotional and satisfying season yet. To have this season embraced by hundreds of millions of viewers around the world has been incredible, and to have it now acknowledged with these nominations from the Television Academy is so gratifying and thrilling. Chrissy: this one's for you!"

Matt and Ross Duffer (Creators, Executive Producers, Writers, Directors)
"Thank you to the Television Academy for this amazing honor, and for supporting so many of the show's behind-the-scenes artists. They are real-life wizards, and their passion is visible (or audible!) in every frame. Making this season was a challenging, epic ride for everyone on team Stranger, and to receive this kind of recognition at the end of the journey is truly special."

Succession (Outstanding Drama Series)

Adrien Brody (Outstanding Guest Actor - Drama)
"Thank you to the Television Academy for this incredible recognition and to HBO, Adam McKay and Kevin Messick for inviting me to be a part of such meaningful work. I am a huge fan of Succession and beyond thrilled to have been included in such an extraordinary show. I'm grateful to share this honor with the brilliant cast and crew of Succession, and the fantastic writers who shaped the character, making him so fun to play. A special thank you and congratulations to Adam, Jesse, Brian, and Jeremy."

Jeremy Strong (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series)
"I am deeply honored to be nominated alongside such brilliant and inspired work. It is the role of a lifetime and an immeasurable gift to be part of making this show. I am so proud of my fellow ensemble members and the whole Succession family. A wholehearted congratulations to all of my fellow nominees. And as we are in the midst of filming season 4 right now, I'll just say this: Dad – It's On."

Sarah Snook (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)
"How exciting to get this kind of news when we've just started shooting again on season 4! I'm so very, very proud of everyone who works on the show; magicians weaving angry, hurt, hilarious magic."

Brian Cox (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series)
"This year's Emmy nominations are a testament to the strength of our show, particularly from the acting point of view. Being a part of this show is so exciting because I have the chance to work with such talented and deserving actors. No matter how big or small the role is, the actors step up to the plate because the roles and writing are so incredible and demand so much of us. We are enormously lucky and grateful to be able to perform such first-class work. The scripts are so good that you get the best actors doing their best work, and it couldn't be better." 

J. Smith-Cameron (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)
"I am away at a remote little island in a lake in Canada. I'm at a kind of family reunion of my husband's family – they lost both their beloved parents this year and this was their special place. It is a happy, loving occasion, though, in a physically beautiful unspoiled place. I am only able to get or send random texts, so I didn't hear about my nomination for a while. I really didn't expect it, but I'm absolutely thrilled – because I sort of started as a recurring character and we all collaborated into it being this wonderful, specific role that I'm delighted to play. The whole Succession cast is SUPERLATIVE and I'm thrilled that so many of us have been acknowledged. This is just a fantastic thrill! This show is absolutely a one-of-a-kind experience – Jesse is a raving genius and seems to have hired all the right people!"

Matthew Macfadyen (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series)
"Delighted at the news! Thanks as always to Jesse and his team of extraordinary writers. But I really owe it all to Honeybadger and Sporus. They'll know who they are."

Mark Mylod (Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series)
"I'm so proud that the work of our whole team both in front of and behind the camera is recognized so warmly today by the Academy's nominations. Today's all night shooting schedule will feel a little less arduous with this lovely news."

Cathy Yan (Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series)
"Thank you to the Academy. I had an absolute blast directing on my favorite show and am so honored to be nominated with this talented group. It's a privilege to have worked with Jesse Armstrong, Mark Mylod and the incredible cast and crew of Succession. It was the highlight of my pandemic."

Ted Lasso (Outstanding Comedy Series)

Brett Goldstein (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
"Holy fxxxing xxxx, this is fxxxing insane! For this to happen once is magic, but twice is a miracle. I'm so honoured to be included on this list of legends including two of my special Greyhounds! This is truly incredible. There has been so much love for this show and I feel unbelievably lucky to be a part of such a beautiful and talented team. What a ride. I don't know what to say. I'm really trying to learn to swear less. Golly gee. Is that better? Ah, who the fxxx am I kidding, thank you to the Academy. This is fxxxing amazing."

Nick Mohammed (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
"I already feel so honoured to be included on this list, but to be nominated alongside such friends/superstars as Brett Goldstein and Toheeb Jimoh is just the absolute dream. And how wonderful to see so much appreciation for the whole Ted Lasso family. Thank you TV Academy and Apple TV+!"

Top Chef (Outstanding Competition Program)

Padma Lakshmi (Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Series)
"I am over the moon for all of us at Top Chef. Receiving this many nominations means the world to us. A big thank you to the Television Academy for recognizing our work. I am beyond happy today."

Under the Banner of Heaven

Andrew Garfield (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie)
"It is such an honor to have my work nominated alongside these incredible actors that I'm so inspired by. I'm so grateful to be a part of bringing Under the Banner of Heaven to the screen and to have been able to collaborate with this amazing crew, our producers, FX and most especially our insanely talented ensemble cast and our courageous, loving, heartful leader Dustin Lance Black. I share this honor with them. Dustin crafted a story so personal and vital for this moment in American history – a reminder of the danger of fundamentalism, extremism and of the fragility of precious individual freedoms in the face of tyranny. May this cautionary tale remind us of our responsibilities to each other: to live and let live with love and respect."

What We Do in the Shadows (Outstanding Comedy Series)

Stefani Robinson (Co-Showrunner, Executive Producer, and Writer)
"What awesome news to wake up to this morning — I am deeply honored and grateful to the Television Academy for this recognition. I am also extremely proud of the hard work that goes into What We Do in the Shadows and share these nominations with our incredible cast, crew, FX, and everyone involved with bringing this freaky show to life. 'Bat!'"

The White Lotus (Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series)

Alexandria Daddario (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series)
"It is such an honor to be nominated for my first Emmy! I just cried so much in front of a bunch of people! Thank you so much to the Television Academy for honoring not only myself, but my fellow cast mates and Mike White. I am so proud of this show and will be forever grateful to have had this opportunity and to work alongside such incredible people and to have been stranded at this resort together." 

Connie Britton (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series)
"I am so f***ing thrilled to have been a part of the incredible group of people who put together the amazing White Lotus! And, I've said it before but I'll say it again: Mike White, Mike White, Mike White. To be able to do a show that gets under the skin of the culture in such a creative and insightful way is an honor and a dream."

Jake Lacy (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series)
"This is truly the most fantastic surprise, and I am shocked! I feel so lucky to have been a part of The White Lotus, and I am thrilled for my castmates who also got recognized. Playing Shane Patton this season was extremely special, and I am truly honored. Thank you to Mike White, HBO and thank you to the Academy."

Jennifer Coolidge (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series)
"It's so thrilling. An incredible surprise. The other girls in The White Lotus are nominated, too and I love those girls, they're the greatest group and so talented. It feels like Christmas today!"

Sydney Sweeney (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series - also received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Euphoria)
"It's an honor to know that both Olivia and Cassie have connected with so many. I'm so proud of both these shows and grateful to everybody that's been apart of them. But most importantly mom, I love you, we did it through the ups and downs!"

Yellowjackets (Outstanding Drama Series)

Christina Ricci (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)
"I am so overwhelmed right now, the dedication from this cast and crew have made so many things possible. I want to thank Showtime for believing in the visions of Ashley, Bart and Jonathan and for their unwavering support of Yellowjackets. I'm so happy for the recognition that the series, its creatives, and my fellow co-stars received this morning!"

Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas (Outstanding TV Movie)

Austin Winsberg (Witer, Creator)
"Wow! This is such a huge and unexpected honor! Thank you to the Emmy voters! Thank you to the tremendous cast and crew who put this entire movie together in no-time flat. Thank you to our amazing partners at Lionsgate for always believing in and sticking with Zoey's. And thank you to our friends and supporters at Roku for giving us a home and allowing Zoey to continue on her extraordinary journey! My heart is filled with songs at this moment!!!!"

The Emmy Awards will air Monday, Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC, and will be available to stream live and on demand on Peacock.

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