Yvie — the only queen who didn't get the power of the Platinum Plunger on AS7 — also tells EW just how naked she actually got in the Werk Room.

There were certain truths throughout RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7: You were going to get blocked, see Yvie Oddly naked, or both.

Yvie's AS7 sisters got an eyeful — and an earful — on Friday's episode, as the season 11 winner playfully cut her gal pals down to size at the Kennedy Davenport Center Honors roast, landing joke after joke about her fellow competitors (but landing short of the top two of the week). The queens returned the favor by highlighting Yvie's penchant for nudity in the Werk Room, which, she reveals to EW, includes one occasion where she found herself naked and yelling.

Below, Yvie recalls showing off her assets behind the scenes, roast jokes she forgot to tell, who she would've blocked if she'd been given the chance, and her thoughts on Monét X Change's bombshell revelation about hooking up with someone on the AS7 cast.

RuPaul's Drag Race
Yvie Oddly reveals who she would've blocked on 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7'
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I've been told by your sisters to ask you about the Smokers Alliance and if it was real. Monét wasn't involved but says it's true, Raja says she wasn't paying attention but that I should ask you or Viv about it. Was this a legitimate strategy play?

YVIE ODDLY: There, unfortunately, wasn't any real alliance. If we were smart, we would've started one because everybody already thought we were in one. We were all smokers, we all needed a second out of that chilly ass Werk Room, so we all needed to be like, this s--- is hard. We never talked strategy, and we should've.

The "alliance" part is a joke? It's not real?

I don't know if it was a joke. I think us taking a lot of our breaks together led to us being able to vent to one another. They weren't my real enemies. [Signature Yvie laugh]

When Raja found out about the secret of the Platinum Plunger not being an actual secret, do you know if she asked anyone what the secret was? Someone had to have told her that there was no secret, right?

Somebody did. Raja is a Gemini, as she'll gladly tell you herself. There's one part of her that takes it at face value, like, these bitches are f---ing around, but there's also a part of her that's like, well, what if they're just saying that and there is a kept secret? For me, before I even got the plunger, it had both been told that there was a secret and that there wasn't a secret, and I just chose to believe that there wasn't.

Who told you there wasn't a secret?

It might've been Shea, because she was the first one to get the plunger, it'd been a minute since she'd gotten it or had to touch it again, so she was like, "Girl, I was just f---ing with you."

We saw Trinity and Monét go off to the side for a secret conversation again on this episode. When you saw them sneak off, did you know they were plotting?

I feel like the stupidest bitch watching this whole season back and watching them sneak off, because I never noticed it. Like, oh, they're twinners, they're sisters, they're close, of course they're going to help each other, but not an actual alliance.  

RuPaul's Drag Race
Yvie Oddly slays the Kennedy Davenport Center Honors roast challenge on 'All Stars 7'
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Moving to the roast: You did such a good job. And there were a lot of dick jokes about you here. How naked were you getting in front of these women?

Not even that much. At the end of the day, you take off your pads, I'm not worried about privacy.... You shed your layers, you let the willy fly free, there was one time we had a meeting — and I might've been there yelling, naked.

You had an official meeting with your sisters while naked?

Just one. It was a long day, I was tired, producers came in to talk to us, and I just didn't have a thought about being decent. Like, let's get this done so I can go back to the hotel.

What's the reaction like in a meeting where you're naked?

[Signature Yvie laugh] I think we got to see a lot of their reactions in the roast.

You sat next to Jaida during the roast after she hilariously saved herself from fumbling, but I imagine that was a tough moment for her. When she came and sat next to you, did you have words of encouragement for her?

It's easy to focus on people's fumbles, but if I said anything to her at all, it was just, "Good job, I'm proud of you," especially for picking it up after it could've gone left. It's something Jaida does so well. She did it in Snatch Game with Prince. It wasn't hitting the mark, but she had fun with the fact that it wasn't hitting the mark, and it made it hit the mark. Especially because she's so f---ing funny. That's the thing about these roasts and stand-up challenges, it's about trying to filter your humor into a box when people already expect a joke. It's like walking up to a comedian on the street and asking them to tell you a joke. If you're just chilling with Jaida backstage, she never shuts the f--- up. She's so funny.

She got slightly negative critiques, and it reminded me that the only other thing the judges took issue with this season was—

My wig!

Your now iconic red wig. Do you still have it?

I do. It's one of my favorite wigs. They can suck a big bag of balls! It's funny, when you pack for Drag Race, you have to be strategic in everything you do and bring, and you can only fit so much weight into so many suitcases, so I thought just in case I was lip-syncing a bunch, I'd pack wigs I know I can perform in: my little itty-bitty kitty cats, and my shaggy little anime hairs. From the jump, they were like, we hate the hair you're going to choose to lip-sync in. [Signature Yvie laugh] Hopefully, we haven't seen the last of her.

We'll see more?

If not her, at least maybe a friend. Friend of Dorothy, friend of red wig.

From the roast, were there any jokes you wrote that you decided against doing?

Nope. Unfortunately, in my chaos, I didn't even get to all the jokes I'd written. I don't remember what they were. I know there were some gold ones I completely spaced out, but it's a roast, I'm here to turn up the heat, I'm here to make somebody go home and cry about themselves.

You've also had some incredible looks this season, especially this glowing fungus. Your close drag sister Willow Pill also loves mushrooms. Was that a coincidence that she did a mushroom look on season 14 and you did a fungus mushroom this season, or did you coordinate together?

We didn't coordinate it… it was more just like, she's passionate about mushrooms, I'm passionate about mushrooms, we've been passionate about mushrooms together, and both having the opportunity to be passionate about mushrooms on a national platform, we wanted to show it. There's something magical about that for our friendship. We take trips together to the mountain.

Drag Race Digital cover
Yvie Oddly for EW
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Did you see Willow on Pit Stop? What did you think about what she said?

I did see her, she's such a shady little lady. She can get away with it because she's cute and tiny. People are like, "Oh, she's so cute and tiny — look at her! So cute!" But she's a shady, evil little sprite. [Signature Yvie laugh]

Back to the challenge, I thought you did so well. But, as you said, you're the only person who didn't get to block anyone this season. Who would you have blocked if you'd been given the chance?

Jinkx. On any given day, in any given challenge, I just would've blocked Jinkx. Her, specifically, because humor is so important to RuPaul, and humor is something Jinkx is able to incorporate into almost everything she does. If you see somebody with a strong skill in a competition who is going to use that skill, you have to trip them up a little bit.

You made that decision early on?

I was between Jinkx and Monét because I thought Monét was riding under the radar for a second, but after she got blocked, I was like, we've done the Lord's work, let's move to Jinkx.

Did you share your strategy with anyone?

I didn't keep it quiet. Basically, I'd go outside, like, "This f---ing place, I wish I won this week so I could've blocked Jinkx!" [Signature Yvie laugh]

Let's talk about the bombshell Monét dropped in Untucked. I studied everyone's reactions, you immediately seemed shook. So, Miss Yvie, who the hell f---ed Monét?

I think whoever dropped her on her head as a baby because she's so full of it! She's such a liar, a liar pants. I think she was probably, like, you know what, these girls need drama in their lives, I'm just going to say that I f---ed one of them. Was that strategy to distract us all wondering who plowed her cheeks? I don't think anybody did. I think Monét is full of it. I think, at best, she got drunk one night and maybe made out with Jinkx. But who hasn't?

Definitively — for a fact — it was not you?

I'm saying the closest that any of these girls got was when my dick was flying out and about in the Werk Room. We all got to first base.

What can you tease about what's ahead with some mood words?

Mario Party madness. Interstellar talent. Gaggery. Goopery. Yeah, so much gagged, so gooped, so much talent, and lots of Mario Party.

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