"Do not miss the opportunity!" the Charlie's Angels star shouted while laughing, frolicking, and generally vibing in the elements.

Drew Barrymore has partnered with her most iconic co-star to date: Mother Nature.

The talk show host and Charlie's Angels star shared an adorable video to Instagram over the weekend in which she captured herself simply and sweetly enjoying a rain shower.

"Whenever you can, go out into the rain!" the 47-year-old squealed as she removed her glasses and threw her head back while water fell from the sky. "Do not miss the opportunity!"

Barrymore's celebrity followers celebrated the clip's purity, with Paris Hilton commenting with a heart-eyed emoji, while actor Leslie Jordan wrote: "Love this."

3rd Rock From the Sun actress Kristen Johnston also commented on the moment on Twitter, telling her followers that the video reflects the type of person Barrymore is in real life.

"She's the most full of joy, funny, darling person ever. As you can tell. This is really her," Johnston tweeted.

Others also likened the video to one of Saturday Night Live performer Chloe Fineman's impressions of Barrymore, with one user commenting, "Is it weird that i think Drew is impersonating [Chloe] impersonating her?"

Since its debut on Barrymore's feed, the clip has garnered roughly 600,000 likes on Instagram and around 13 million views on TikTok.

Watch Barrymore enjoy the rain in the clip above.

Drew Barrymore attends the 2021 CFDA Awards at The Seagram Building on November 10, 2021 in New York City. (
Drew Barrymore
| Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

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