And it was called… a lovefest.

Lizzo's love for Coldplay just reached great new heights. 

The singer gushed over the group, revealing how they inspired her new track "Coldplay," in an interview with Apple Music 1 this week. The song, which appears on her new album Special, features a sample of the band's beloved 2000 hit "Yellow." 

But as she was describing her creative process, the Grammy-winning (and now Emmy-nominated) artist was interrupted with a pleasant surprise: none other than Coldplay frontman Chris Martin himself. 

"This is what I wanted to do because the song is so beautiful, and Chris is so beautiful, and you're so beautiful, I thought we'd have a beautiful moment," host Zane Lowe said as Martin popped up onscreen behind Lizzo during a video call. 

"This is so crazy," she said, overjoyed, before thanking Martin. "Thank you for giving me the blessing, the blessing to sample you and to name the song after your band."

Lizzo went on to explain her intensely emotional connection to "Yellow," looking back on how she and a companion once sang the song while looking up at the stars — an activity that references its opening lyrics "Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you."

"And tears just were coming to my eyes," she said, sharing that the man who was with her "held" her after she sang. 

"You have such an incredible ability to move people with the poetry of your lyricism," she added, visibly in awe of Martin. "So thank you so, so much. It's so real."

Lizzo visits the SiriusXM Studios; Chris Martin speaks onstage at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards
Lizzo and Chris Martin bonded over 'Yellow.'
| Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Martin replied that he's really happy the Hustlers star enjoyed a poignant romantic moment to a piece of music he created. "If someone had told me 22 years ago, 'You know, one day Lizzo's going to make out to this song,' I'd be like, 'OK, great! Let's record it!'" he said, laughing.

"You're amazing and we love you," he added.

After Martin left the call, Lizzo continued to praise him and expressed her disbelief over the encounter, insisting, "My underarms are sweating after the Chris Martin thing!"

"You never get used to the feeling of seeing people who've inspired you acknowledge you. It never gets old, and I never want it to get old," she said. "That was so cool."

Lizzo's new album, Special, is out today.

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